Help downloading

Downloading files over the internet is now standard practice and the way most music, films, photographs, documents, audio books, apps and software are purchased or downloaded.

The speed of the download process is a combination of the file size and your internet speed. Music files are relatively small and can be transferred within seconds, while a film can be a very large file and take several hours to download even with relatively fast internet connections. Fibre-optic internet connections have sped things up considerably.

To help speed up the process of downloading films from SteepEdge, we recommend that you have a broadband internet connection (hard to believe, but not everyone does!).

At SteepEdge, we format and compress the files using the H264 process into a movie file that gives excellent quality for relatively small file sizes. This enables HD quality films to be downloaded in under an hour with 5MB/s internet speed.

In many cases, as part of the download acquisition, you will purchase the file by going through an online purchase process before you are allowed to download the file. This is the case with SteepEdge.

If you are new to SteepEdge, the first step is to register and become a member. Once you have created your user name and password, you are ready to purchase and download films. This also enables you to look at previews of the content, choose a film to download and then go through the secure purchase process (using either PayPal or SagePay). After successfully purchasing the film, a confirmation will appear on the screen containing a link to the SteepEdge 'My Library' section so you can access the purchase. When you click on the link for the film, the download will start and the film file will be transferred to your computer. An email will also be sent as a receipt of purchase which also features the download link.

If your computer is switched off for any reason, the download will stop. It will not pause, and on re-starting the machine the download will start at the beginning again. Depending on the computer and browser, the download may start automatically or it may need to be started manually by going to 'My Library'. Be aware that some computers abort downloads when they go to sleep and/or shut down as part of their power saving settings. This can normally be adjusted in computer preferences. Closing your browser will also stop downloading, so keep it running in the background.

Please note that to access 'My Library' you will have to log in to the site using your user name and password.

For more details go to Watching Films.