We want to show your films!

We believe that great adventure films should be as widely available as possible to ensure the as many people as possible can appreciate the great filmmaking talent out there.

SteepEdge enables filmmakers to showcase their films and generate extra income from their work, either in addition to sales from their own website and DVD sales or as the main outlet for films that are not on sale via standard distribution channels (this is particularly the case with older films).

Increasingly films are made without TV or cinema commissions and are only seen at film festivals or distributed by a maze of individual websites. SteepEdge provides a one-stop website focusing on a wide range of adventure and mountain sports including: climbing, mountaineering, skiing, trekking, exploration, polar exploits, kayaking/white water pursuits, B.A.S.E. and para-gliding, mountain biking, cycling, mountain culture, environment and wildlife.

How do I get my films on SteepEdge?

We urge you to contact us if you have a film that you think is suitable within the genre and community that SteepEdge covers. If in doubt get in touch! We are keen to show all films – old or new, long or short. Please email for more information

What do I get out of it?

SteepEdge pays standard royalties of 80% of net revenue payable in arrears.  Please get in touch for specific terms and conditions.

Specifications of films

The most important aspect is that you must have the rights to distribute the film on the Internet. This also includes music rights. The films must be of good quality and with no 'adult' content. At present we require films to be in English or have English subtitles (we hope to introduce German language films in the near future). We will view your films and if deemed acceptable, we will discuss contracts and financials in confidence. We will also send you details on which formats we accept and how you should submit the film.

Do filmmakers have special membership?

You register for SteepEdge membership as normal. Please email and title it 'Filmmaker'. The SteepEdge administrator will cross reference you with your films and grant you special privileges.