Downloading direct to iPad and iPhone

At present there are global technical issues downloading direct to a mobile device. In particular the only way to download direct to an iPad or iPhone is via iTunes OR by using a third-party app.

There are many apps which enable downloading, storage, watching and connecting to a TV on iPhones and iPads. There are free and paid-for versions.

We are not affiliated with any apps and do not endorse one app over another.

We have had success with Files on iPhone and Files HD on the iPad, although cannot guarante their success (the fundamental principles behind download on iOS are unchanged, however, most apps are updated regularly and we cannot keep ontop of these updates to ensure compatability)

Films can be downloaded via Files/Files HD by using the built-in browser to navigate to your "My Library" page on SteepEdge. Select the download option on the film you wish to download and wait for the app to ask you how you wish to proceed. If the app does not prompt you, simply copy the URL in the address bar of the browser, navigate to the Downloads page in the app, click on the "+" to add a new download and paste the URL. The film will then start to download and be stored in the download section.

Download the apps from iTunes and then follow the instructions for each app as they will vary and be constantly updated.

N.B. Rentals cannot be download.

N.B. You will need sufficient free space to store the download on your device. Typically this is 500-800MB for a SD film and 2-3GB for HD.